WhatCMS, CMS (site engine) definition service from iTrack
The CMS definition service allows you to find out which content management system (site engine) is installed on it. The site engine is the software that is required for the effective operation of the site and its convenient updating.

The database contains more than 60 control systems.

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    What is CMS?

    CMS (Content Management System) is a system that allows you to easily create and manage (ie edit, add and delete) text materials and multimedia documents on the site.
    CMS allows you to create new pages on the site, edit the product catalog, process orders, etc.
    Recently, sites are becoming more and more complex and the tasks that CMS should solve are more and more - they should be able to adjust SEO parameters, configure and implement import and export to various systems, track conversions and events, and much more.
    CMS is also called "engine", "platform".

    What are the CMS?

    The main types of CMS can be distinguished:
    • Boxed - a ready-made software product that can be downloaded and based on its functionality to develop a website;
    • Website builders (SaaS) - online services on which you can independently assemble a website based on a template;
    • Studio - a product that was developed by the studio and develops sites for clients on it;
    • Custom - the case when CMS is developed exclusively for your site.
    Our service allows you to define only Boxed , SaaS and Studio CMSs.

    How to identify a CMS using a service?

    It's pretty simple. Let's explain in steps:
    1. Open CMS definition service ;
    2. Enter the site address (for example "");
    3. Check the box I'm not a robot ;
    4. Click the Detect CMS ;
    5. Wait for the end of the check.
    Как определить CMS сайта. Сервис определения CMS от компании iTrack

    How does the CMS definition service work?

    We have “fingerprints” (keywords that are specific to this CMS) CMS for all commonly used systems. Using these prints, we check the site and, if they match, show the result.
    The collection of CMS rating ( description of the collection method ) works according to this principle.

    Unable to identify the CMS?

    The site can be developed without using a CMS, or errors may occur during verification. The most common ones are:
    • The site did not respond within 30 seconds;
    • The site is redirected to another site;
    • The domain is configured incorrectly;
    • Site excluded from CMS definition.
    If the service could not find the CMS, and you know that one of the popular systems is used on it, write to us by

    Can multiple sites be checked?

    Unfortunately, open access checks can only be done on 1 domain at a time.
    If you want to define a CMS for a large number of sites, then write to and we will discuss the possibility of paid verification or providing access to a paid API.